My website 'PN6' (for the author: Pascal Narcisse)

under construction

under construction
Author: Pascal NARCISSE
Job: Freelance to develop Software applications on Windows
(C++, STL, boost, VTK(3D), wxWidgets, Qt, win32, C#, XAML, php,...)
Position: Paris, Boulogne-Billancourt (FRANCE)
Software: Test a TreeEditor
[2010] Test my Genealogie (coded in C++/Qt)
[2014] Test my Organizer/Scheduler (coded in C#/XAML)
[2014] Encoding/Decoding (protected)
[2014] TVmasters online (protected)
[2015] Test my ConvertExcelToMesh3D (coded in C++/VTK)
Divers: Photograph (landmarks ...I took nice pictures to test my Soft)